When We Want to Learn About Success, We Find Experts

Travel is a big part of the Evolve Marketing experience, and serves a number of vital roles in our office. Trips make great rewards, they’re a training tool, and they build camaraderie as well. In fact, we are currently at just such an event: an international conference known as the Miami Meeting!

Industry leaders from all over the world are in Miami right now, February 7-9, 2020. We’ll be spending the entire weekend here, sharing best practices with colleagues from every market. There are also get-togethers and meet-and-greets going on all through the event, making this a prime networking chance too.

Another feature of the Miami Meeting is the awards ceremony. Top producers who hit career goals recently will be recognized for their triumphs, and given time to share stories from their journeys thus far. We’re sure these will be moving tales of overcoming and growth, and that we’ll come home inspired to push past any roadblocks we may currently feel in our own progress.

Even the time we spend traveling from SLC to Miami will be well spent getting to know our Evolve Marketing colleagues better. Some quiet time on the plane is perfect for building friendships that will last a lifetime.

We appreciate the important role that travel plays at our firm. See live content from the Miami Meeting by following Evolve Marketing on Instagram.