We’re Refreshing Our Networking Skills for 2020

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to freshen up old skills, and one of the most important Evolve Marketing competencies is networking. We recently attended an international conference in Miami, and used this as motivation to brush up on our techniques for making new contacts, plus make sure our new people knew how to rock every room they walked into.

These are a few of the Evolve Marketing tips we shared:

• Set Goals: Like any worthwhile activity, networking benefits from clearly-defined goals. Deciding how many people we want to connect with, for example, is a good thing to know before walking into a conference room.

• Find a Place to Hang Out: Different areas of the room appeal to different people. Some will enjoy being right in the center of the action. Others might want to hang out near the food or bar. What matters is that you’re as comfortable as possible.

• Listen More Than Talk: Once we have a conversation going, we step back and let our new friend do as much of the talking as they like. In doing so, we ensure they think we’re brilliant conversation partners.

• Follow Up: When we hit it off with someone, we exchange contact information. Then, we connect with them within 48 hours. The meeting should still be somewhat fresh in their minds by then.

Networking is a timeless skill that all professionals should master. Follow Evolve Marketing on Instagram for more tips.