Traveling to San Diego for Training and Development

Recently, Team Evolve Marketing returned from a training and development trip to San Diego. Travel opportunities of this kind occur on a regular basis and give us chances to network with industry leaders while also getting to see just how much opportunity there is for personal and professional achievement within this industry.

Another benefit of our Evolve Marketing travel program is the chance to build tighter team bonds. When we’re on our way to and from another city we spend that time getting to know each other on a deeper personal level than we can during our busy workweeks. These enhanced workplace connections create a strong sense of camaraderie when we get back to the office and keep communication channels open across teams and even departments.

We also rely on trips like the San Diego weekend to keep a fresh perspective on our career journeys. Enjoying the sights, food, and culture of a new city reminds us just how much we appreciate living in SLC and puts some extra steam in our strides when we return to work.

Finally, travel ensures that our team members know how much their hard work is appreciated. Recognition is an important part of a supportive and empowering workplace environment, and trips are an exciting and memorable way to say, “Thank you!” to the men and women who make our company the best in the business.

San Diego was great; we can’t wait to go back next year! In the meantime, see where we’re heading next by liking Evolve Marketing on Facebook.