Thanksgiving Brings Excitement to Our Office

We love having an office Thanksgiving party as a thank you to Team Evolve Marketing every year. That’s why there’s so much excitement building around our workspace right now. Kate S., our firm’s President, explained that we’re a family, so it just makes sense to celebrate the holiday together.

This year, we’ll be giving thanks for the amazing growth we’ve achieved in 2019. It’s been a year to remember for Evolve Marketing and the change agents we represent. As we enjoy our team Thanksgiving, we’ll reflect on everything we’ve done this year and project into an even bigger 2020. It’s going to be a great team-building occasion, with plenty of inspiration to go around.

We actually stress gratitude throughout the year, so giving thanks is something we’re used to doing. We’ve found that writing down the things for which we’re grateful is one of the best ways to stay positive at all times. Gratitude journals don’t take much time to fill in each night, but the benefits they offer are significant. We take five minutes or so before bed to think about and catalog the good things in our personal and professional lives. When the next day rolls around, we’re even more inspired to accomplish major goals.

This Thanksgiving will be one to remember for our team. See content from our celebration by following Evolve Marketing on Instagram.