Successful Habits That Power Career Growth

Forming the right habits is essential in achieving career goals. Around the Evolve Marketing office, we often discuss the behaviors that put us in the best positions to thrive. Here are the ones we’ve found most helpful to our professional pursuits.

Welcoming feedback is one strategy that has paid off well as we pursue our goals. We’ve adopted a mind-set of constant improvement, in which every bit of extra input can be used to a productive end. That’s why we’re always willing to hear constructive criticism and even offer it when prompted.

Learning from mistakes is another good habit the most successful people practice. We take calculated risks because we aren’t afraid of unexpected outcomes. Whatever happens in the end, we’ll take the valuable insights from the experience and find ways to apply them in our next challenges.

We’re also doing our best to take advantage of downtime. This is a key behavior shared by high achievers. During lunch breaks around Evolve Marketing, we can be found reading business journals or viewing webinars to further our educations. Combined with the ongoing development programs we enjoy, we can’t help but learn something new almost every day.

These behaviors are helping us move closer to our ultimate professional goals. Learn more about how we’re advancing our careers by liking Evolve Marketing on Facebook.