We’re Adding Fresh Talent This Spring

Evolve Marketing is growing rapidly, which means we’re ready to add to our team this spring. Kate S., our firm’s President, explained that we’re looking for passionate professionals who are ready to push themselves to get better every day. We offer one-to-one coaching from experienced team members to help our new hires get off to the best possible start.

We look for a few key attributes as we evaluate prospective additions to Team Evolve Marketing. A self-motivated nature is one thing we really want to see. Those who can work on their own and still fit in well as a team player are ideal for our workspace.

Flexibility is another trait we emphasize. We want to hire people who are open to learning new skills and trying new techniques on a regular basis. Our industry is always evolving, so it’s essential to have team members who are ready to change course whenever necessary.

On a related note, we always look for candidates with a high degree of curiosity. We want incoming team members to ask lots of questions as they learn the ropes. During the interview process, we’re especially interested in what potential hires want to know about our company. If they’re curious about our ongoing training options, or how success is measured in our office, we know they’ll be a good fit.

We can’t wait to start meeting with top-flight candidates. Follow Evolve Marketing on LinkedIn to stay up to date on hiring news.