Putting Spencer in the Spotlight

As the first person to get hired and now promoted in Salt Lake City, Spencer is definitely worthy of the Evolve Marketing spotlight. Kate S., our firm’s President, explained that Spencer is driven, goal-oriented, and committed to pushing beyond his current skill set. He sets a great example for everyone else in our office.

Spencer has also proven himself as a quick and confident decision maker. He doesn’t let anything disrupt his momentum when he’s working toward a winning outcome, which inspires everyone around him to do the same. His decision-making skill is also a reflection of Spencer’s infectious positive attitude, which sets the tone for success throughout our team.

Communication is another of Spencer’s strengths, and it takes many important forms. He’s good at sharing expectations and clarifying his own vision of success. These are key behaviors among leaders who keep their teams motivated over the long haul.

Perhaps most importantly, Spencer is accountable both for his own goals and for helping his Evolve Marketing colleagues achieve their objectives. He makes himself available anytime his team members need advice or assistance. This is a clear sign that Spencer is as committed to other people’s success as he is to his own.

We’re excited to watch Spencer continue growing as a leader. Follow Evolve Marketing on Instagram to get updates on him and all our emerging frontrunners.