Our Commitment to Continual Learning Creates Champions

One of Evolve Marketing’s strongest competitive edges is our thorough learning system, which ensures that people are prepared to achieve success not only in their current roles, but in the future as well. Our team of strong leaders follows a great training and hands-on coaching plan that supports us as we work toward our goals.

We call our approach to training the Young Entrepreneur Program, because one of the most vital things we teach our team members is how to think of themselves and their careers as businesses of their own. We rotate people through every facet of Evolve Marketing, providing each person with first-hand awareness of how each department works, along with a big-picture view of how they all fit together.

What’s more, new people have a chance to jump into ongoing campaigns with different project managers. These seasoned men and women are eager to share their knowledge because they worked their way forward from newbie status as well. This means they understand the theories and the practices of thriving in our industry. The wisdom gained from these veterans gives novice event managers a huge advantage in the field.

We develop strong leaders and driven pros through one-to-one coaching, immersion in real-time projects, and continual learning. Discover more about how we help people reach their personal and professional potential by following Evolve Marketing on Instagram.