Major Planning Meeting for Owners

Having the chance to visit Chicago is always a good thing, and combining it with top-level professional education is even better. That’s exactly what Owners and Assistant Owners did at the end of August.

The Chicago meeting was a great chance for our leaders to regroup, reflect on this year’s successes, and make a plan for 2020. There’s something about being surrounded by successful people that’s especially inspiring, so we have no doubt that our people came back home ready to tackle major new challenges.

We’ve always been fans of the fall months around Evolve Marketing headquarters. For one thing, the heat of the summer is in the rearview mirror, which also means college football season is upon us. This season is also ideal for checking our progress on this year’s biggest objectives. By seeing where we are on our goals and weeding out the ones that don’t seem so important anymore, we set ourselves up to focus even more strongly on the stuff that really matters.

The inspiration our leaders brought back from Chicago should power us through a successful Q4. For updates on how we’re doing, follow Evolve Marketing on LinkedIn.