Hands-On Coaching Empowers Our People

There are many reasons for Evolve Marketing’s continuing success in the event-based outreach world. Our focus on in-depth coaching is at the top of this list. Without the patient and skilled mentors we have in our office, our team wouldn’t be as successful as it is today. These are a few of the elements that make our coaching approach so effective:

• Hands-On Guidance: From their first days on the job, new additions to Team Evolve Marketing get involved with real-world projects. Rather than wasting any time with manuals or videos, we make sure incoming event managers are exposed to all aspects of our operations. This is the best way to quickly build confidence.

• Encouragement: Our developing pros are free to learn from their mistakes with lots of support from their experienced coaches. Those who act as mentors in our office know the ins and outs of advancing within our company. Due to this, they can encourage newer event managers to keep pushing through any obstacles that might emerge.

• Regular Check-Ins: Coaching doesn’t end with a person’s initial weeks with our company. We take pride in setting our team members up for long-term success. This includes ongoing mentoring and frequent check-ins to make sure progress is being made.

If you want to learn from top-flight coaches who really care, Evolve Marketing is the right place for you. Learn more about how we encourage team members to thrive by liking us on Facebook.