Building Confidence Through Public Speaking

Around the Evolve Marketing office, we’re well-versed in the importance of being a strong public speaker. Being confident behind the podium means a more self-assured attitude in other professional areas. This means more success in the long run. We’ve made public speaking a key point of emphasis in our training program, with the following lessons taking center stage:

• Know Your Audience: It’s essential to know what you’re talking about onstage, but it’s just as important to know how your listeners will respond to what you’re saying. We teach our team members to research their audiences so that their messages will resonate.

• Know the Setting: Knowing what to expect when you take the stage is important in having the right comfort level. If you have a good feel for the space where you’ll be standing and the sightlines you’ll have, there’s a much better chance that you’ll deliver a winning presentation.

• Use Nervous Energy to Your Advantage: There are bound to be some nerves that come with every speech, so our Evolve Marketing strategy is to use it as a positive thing. If you can emphasize major points by leveraging your nervous energy, both you and your listeners will be better off.

We put these tips into action whenever we speak on behalf of Evolve Marketing. For more of our best public speaking advice, follow us on Facebook.